ibaDeskline SAS, XEON E3, Win10, PCIe, SSD

Data Acquisition System Deskline,
for PCIe cards only, with SSD storage
Tillverkare: iba-ag
Artikelnr: 40,002015

online system - embedded system - 400GB SSD, PCIe support only - Applications:

  • Machine test and commissioning
  • Data analysis

Special Remarks:

  • Enhancement packages on extra costs:
    - Upgrade to RAID1-System
  • Monitor must be ordered separately!
  • iba Plug&Play service (HW and Software purchased with PC installed and tested)
  • This computer supports only slot cards with PCIe connectors, no slot cards with standard PCI connectors (PCI 32/64Bit)!
    These cards are no more supported:
    - ibaFOB-S
    - ibaFOB-X
    - Interface SST 5136-RE2-PCI (PC-Link / Reliance Automax)
    - ibaCOM-L2B-4-8 / ibaCOM-L2B-8-8
    - CP1616-PCI (Siemens Profinet Controller)
    Please take this into consideration in case of new orders as well as for spare part orders.