QDR Requirements

QDR requirements for application

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Manufacturer: iba-ag
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- Special Training and Service


  • 1. ibaQDR standard training (1 day)
    - Introduction to ibaQDR
    - Configuration with simulator
    - From entry coil to product coil with simulator
    - Parameterization of ibaQDR, setup the measurement locations and the process data assignment
    - With time based and length based measurement values in a dat-file to data base storage with data extraction license and for Reports
  • 2. Support during programming (1 day)
    - ibaQDR get connected via different interfaces
    - Configuration ibaQDR in the real plant
  • 3. Accompanying during commissioning (remote support)
    - Test per Playback (3 days)
    - Analysis with ibaAnalyzer

  • Remarks:
  • Extensive experience with ibaPDA (Interfaces, IO signal coupling) and Knowledge of the operating modes and the Dimensions of the plant to be configured is required
  • On-site presence incurs additional expenses for travel costs and hotel accommodation, which must be shown separately as offer items!

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