License upgrade ibaQDR-V6 to ibaQDR-V7 (HarmonizedCode:85234910, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Tillverkare: iba-ag
Artikelnr: 35.600011

Migration later than May 2020 - Valid for ibaQDR-V6 license uprades from June 2020 onwards


  • The migration step ibaQDR-V6 into ibaQDR-V7 is required for all future software updates and for receiving software maintenance and support services, based on software versions V7 or newer!
  • The support and service for ibaPDA-V6 and ibaQDR-V6 is going be teminated by June 1st, 2020
  • Hand in hand with the execution of the migration process you get the rights of later software updates depending on an activated expiration date (EUP-date) within the license dongle for this update period
  • Future software updates or a migration from ibaQDR-V7 to a newer version is only possible by having a valid (non-expired) EUP-date.

The following information are required:

  • The dongle number of the existing ibaQDR-V6 license
  • The ibaDongleViewer Keyfile as confirmation file with the latest license information