ibaPDA license extension (HarmonizedCode:85234910, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Manufacturer: iba-ag
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Process Cycle Analysis 4 modules - ibaInCycle offers functions for monitoring, analysis and visualization of cyclic processes for recurring process steps and rotating equipment

Technical data:
License extension with 4 ibaInCycle modules

  • Time synchronous averaging with resampling the input signals
  • Automated learning of reference cycles
  • Differentiation of different process conditions for reference cycles
  • Deviation indicator calculation for each cycle
  • Areas with the highest deviation are outputted
  • Visualization wit waterfall, contour and circle plot
  • Configuration and protection of reusable calculation profiles
  • Preprocessing of input signals with flexible configurable calculations


  • Requires an ibaPDA basic license
  • Please provide with your order the dongle number of your existing ibaPDA system. The dongle number is required to generate a license upgrade for your system.
  • Maintenance contract: A software maintenance contract is required with the dedicated EUP product which defines the maintenance fee


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