StarterKit - Process Data Acquisition (64 tag)

Need an easy way to Industry 4.0?

Start your first data acquisition from your PLC with this product.
Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to analyze.
Connect several common PLC-systems to your PC via ethernet.

Need more in the future? Don't worry, you can upgrade to a full-feature ibaPDA whenever you like!
Manufacturer: iba-ag
SKU: 30.681502


Here is a more detailed description of the concept:



But first, look at these tutorials to find out what iba is all about.

How to get startedHow to setup an acquisition from an S7-1500 PLC as an example


Use this product, PLC-Xplorer, for Data Acquisition for 64 signals with Xplorer-interfaces
PLC access via system services, 64 signals - Features:
 - acquiring up to 64 signals via Xplorer interfaces
 - Data acquisition system with on-demand access to Operands/Symbols
 - without additional communication hardware
 - max. number of connections / modules per interface: 16
 - Online analyze or Offline analyze

Allows access to:

  • SIMATIC systems (S7-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
    - Data access via MPI/Profibus(for e.g. with CP5512,CP5612)
  • Codesys based systems (Codesys-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
  • Allen Bradley systems PLC5 / SLC-5 / MicroLogix (AB- Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
  • Sigmatek systems (Sigmatek-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
  • Beckhoff systems (TwinCat-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
    - Supports TwinCAT-Version 2 and 3
  • B&R systems (B&R-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
    - In addition a B&R PVI-Manager license is required for the data acquisition. This license must be ordered from B&R directly on extra costs!
  • Allen Bradley systems Control-/Compact-/MicroLogix (Logix-Xplorer)
    - Data access via TCP/IP
  • Melsec-Xplorer (interface for Mitsubishi MELSEC systems)

Special Remarks:

  • License with a fixed price
  • No hardware interfaces(FOB / COM cards)
  • To add the latest Xplorer interfaces is possible by ordering "Upgrade-ibaPDA-PLC- Xplorer"
  • Xplorer interfaces with drive controller can be licensed seperately
  • If additional ibaPDA functionality is required (e.g. signal extension, QPanel, data stores, other interfaces, etc.) this license must be upgraded first with "Upgrade-PLC-Xplorer to PDA-V7-64" SKU 30.770009. After an upgrade all ibaPDA extension features can be ordered.
  • In conjunction with ibaCapture-V4 access to video cameras is supported
  • Protected by hardlock (dongle)!


Is this not enough? Please look at our full-feature ibaPDA, or contact us and we will help you out.

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